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Soft Skills

Course Title Fee
Asserting myself and improving my leadership skills €848.00 Register
Asserting myself to avoid conflicts and tense situations €848.00   Register
Better handling the stress of being a manager €848.00   Register
Better Managing my Costs and Budget €848.00   Register
Coping more effectively with change €848.00   Register
Creating value on a daily basis in my activity €848.00   Register
Dealing with conflict in my team €848.00   Register
Delegating and empowering €848.00   Register
Developing my creative potential €848.00   Register
Developing my negotiating skills €848.00   Register
Developing my self-confidence €848.00   Register
Developing my Staff's Skills €848.00   Register
Developing my team's creativity and initiative €848.00   Register
Effectively using my emotional potential €848.00   Register
Establishing positive relations and ending daily conflict €848.00   Register
Gaining the adherence of my team members €848.00   Register
Giving consideration to the financial aspect of my work €848.00   Register
Improving my team's client-focus €848.00   Register
Integrating finance in my management €848.00   Register
Leading my team to obtain results €848.00   Register
Managing conflicts and verbal aggression from clients €848.00   Register
Managing in a non-hierarchical situation €848.00   Register
Managing my Activity's Economic and Financial Performance €848.00   Register
Marketing for non-marketers €848.00   Register
Mastering the basics of daily management €848.00   Register
Optimising my relations with others and better cooperating €848.00   Register
Organising myself better to boost my everyday effectiveness €848.00   Register
Public Speaking €848.00   Register
Recruiting an experienced new member for my team €848.00   Register
Regaining control over my time and my priorities €848.00   Register
Running my meetings successfully €848.00   Register
Selling my ideas €848.00   Register
Steering a change project €848.00   Register
Succeeding as an occasional trainer €848.00   Register
Succeeding in my appraisal interview €848.00   Register
Succeeding in my sales €848.00   Register
Successfully conducting an annual appraisal interview €848.00   Register
Successfully conducting my meetings €848.00   Register
Successfully managing my face-to-face meetings with staff €848.00   Register
Successfully managing my stress at work €848.00   Register
Successful Public Speaking €848.00   Register
Taking charge of my new team €848.00   Register
The keys to successful project management €848.00   Register
Working across cultures €848.00   Register